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Zoom call at 10 a.m.; lunch bag drop-off on Sunday, 4/18 by 11 a.m Hang Out Do Good is a grass-roots organization that, among numerous initiatives, has a weekly lunch bag program where volunteers each make 10 or more sack lunches and then drop them off on Sunday mornings by 11 a.m. Each week this organization is delivering over 7,000 lunches to the Hollywood Food Coalition who then distribute them to the hungry and homeless. Hang Out Do Good has 11 lunch bag drop-off points all over the city. Participating BSU LA alumni will have a brief 10 a.m. Zoom call on Saturday, 4/17 to say hello to their fellow Cardinals and hear from a Hang Out Do Good representative about the work being done through the organization. Participants will then make 10 (or more) lunch bags and deliver them to one of the drop-off locations on Sunday, 4/18 before 11 a..m. Details for the lunch bags and the addresses of the drop-off locations will be sent after registering to participate
Helping the Hungry:
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